Event Location

We listened to your input about the staleness of a parking lot format and your willingness to drive. After all, that’s all Ferry wanted, for all of us to drive our cars.

That said, we set a new destination that would provide quality driving opportunities outside of Chicagoland traffic. A destination where the larger Midwest air-cooled community could rally around the event. We didn’t want a resort, we wanted a town. A small town where we could give back by supporting the local establishments that would be right in the middle of the event.

So for the 2019 Zuffengruppe Two (ZG2), we are going to Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, and taking over Main St. for the day.

Just 15 minutes southeast of Lake Geneva, the location provides easy access to hotel accommodations, yet a peaceful small town setting on the water.

There is a Saturday night pre-event party for those coming in the night before and staying the area.

We will need A LOT of volunteers to help orchestrate and execute ZG2, so if you can, please volunteer.

Please share the news with other air-cooled enthusiasts.

Spectators are welcome. However, solicitation or promoting of the sale of your car, business or services is strictly prohibited.



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