The Backstory of Zuffengruppe and  Luftgruppe One


In 2010 Fuelfed started hosting its trademark Coffee & Classics® events in the streets of downtown Winnetka, IL. The events are the progenitor to what is today generically known as Cars & Coffee. In spring of 2011 it quickly became apparent that air-cooled 911s were a popular marque when Fuelfed Coffee & Classics® featured air-cooled Porsches, and the event was overrun. Fuelfed, being an exclusive club for all classic European cars, felt that it wasn’t fair to its members to host such a dominant era of a single marque, so the feature never happened again.

Fuelfed has quietly grown a strong and well-deserved reputation for having the largest number of high-end air-cooled Porsches within its private membership base.

Since 2011 Fuelfed has known there could be a unique standalone air-cooled event in Chicagoland. In 2016 the ground work for the event began, and by 2017 our first event was hatched and named Luftgruppe One.

Fuelfed was proud to host Luftgruppe One in 2018, and based on the response, there was confirmation that it should be the first of an annual series (hence the One) celebrating the most endearing era of Germany’s most polarizing marque. To better position the brand for the future, the name evolved from “Luftgruppe” to “Zuffengruppe” by late 2018. Zuffen, for Zuffenhausen, where the good stuff is born.




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